ACME Volume 20(3) "Moral Economies" is now released!


This Themed Section on Moral Economies also features an Intervention on fraught caring relations throughout the academy, and a Research Article analyzing how fear is produced, mobilised, and contested in sub-national political arenas dealing with migration and climate change. See the full TOC here:

Moral Economies, Urban Subjectivities, and Contested Policies
An Intersectional Perspective on Privileges and Exclusion
Karine Duplan, Marylène Lieber, Camille Schmoll

Can Sexual Violence Be Denounced Without Perpetrating Class Violence?
Discussions on Sexual Harassment in Egypt
Marion Tillous, Perrine Lachenal

Aren’t Sex Workers Women? Ladies, Sex Workers and the Contrasting Definitions of Safety and Violence
Marylene Lieber, Hélène Le Bail

Redefining Margins and Center Through Intersectional Activism
Transatlantic Perspectives
Claire Hancock

The Sexual Politics of Nation Branding in Creative Luxembourg
A Queer Perspective
Karine Duplan

Uncovering the ‘Cracks’?
Bringing Feminist Urban Research Into Smart City Research
Maja de Neergaard, Carina Listerborn

Troubling False Care
Towards a More Revolutionary ‘Care Revolution’ in the University
Ann E Bartos

On the Frontlines of Fear
Migration and Climate Change in the Local Context of Sardinia, Italy
Giovanni Bettini, Nicholas Beuret, Ethemcan Turhan