Vol. 23 No. 2 (2024): Desirable Futures

A collage of photos and materials provided by issue authors. These include: a photo of a landscape with stars shining above a curved snowy road disappearing into a wooded horizon along the coast of Gichigami/Lake Superior; a cutout of cursive text written by Caitilin McMillan’s mother that reads “to the world's best heart”; a photo of Neelofer Qadir’s hand holding colorful postcards in front of the blue water of Gris Gris, Mauritius; a handwritten letter in Spanish dated August 1983 from Alana de Hinojosa’s grandmother to her mother, Evelina “Bebe”, asking for her to come back home to Calexico, California; a black-and-white troll block print and a Valentine's Day card with porcupine quills piercing a red-and-black heart and the handwritten message “Happy Valentines Day! Contains two genuine porcupine quills, picked clean by ravens. Love, Elspeth”; a black-and-white photograph of Dr. Donald Deskins Jr. in a three-point stance wearing a football uniform; a colourful poster with doves and peace flowers and text that reads “Viva! Viva! Palestina!”; an orange envelope reading “don't you dare write back!” with a hand-drawn scowling figure; a screenshot of a Zoom grid of smiling attendees at the American Association of Geographers 2021 Desirable Futures sessions; and background text and images from valentines written by Elspeth Iralu.

Collage of images inspired by “Desirable Futures: Write Me a Letter”. Artist credit: Lara Lookabaugh.
“A starry winter night on Gichigami/Lake Superior”. Image credit: Deondre Smiles.
“To the world's best heart", handwritten by Caitilin McMillan’s mother to remind her to be guided by her heart. Courtesy of: Caitilin McMillan.
“Postcards to(wards) Desirable Futures sent from Gris Gris, Mauritius”. Courtesy of: Neelofer Qadir.
Letter from Alana de Hinojosa’s grandmother to her mother, Evelina “Bebe”. Courtesy of: Alana de Hinojosa.
“Good Luck Troll block print and valentine”. Courtesy of: Elspeth Iralu.
Dr. Donald Deskins Jr. playing football. Image credit: student staff of the 1960 Michiganensian. Courtesy of: Dewitt King.
“Viva! Viva! Palestina!” Artist credit: Noor Momo.
“don't you dare write back!" Artist credit: Sasha Kunzes Smith, courtesy of Sara Smith.

Published: 2024-04-15