ACME Vol 21 No 4 Doing Critical GIS Now Online!

ACME Vol 21 No 4 Doing Critical GIS

Doing Critical GIS
Dillon Mahmoudi
University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Taylor Shelton
Georgia State University

What Can GIS Do?
Nick Lally
University of Kentucky

Situated Mapping Visualizing Spatial Inequality between the God Trick and Strategic Positivism
Taylor Shelton
Georgia State University

Digital Cartographies of Displacement Data as Property and Property as Data
Erin McElroy
University of Texas at Austin

Mapping for Whom? Communities of Color and the Citizen Science Gap
Dillon Mahmoudi
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Chris L. Hawn
North Carolina Environmental Justice Network
Erica H. Henry
Washington State University
Deja J. Perkins
North Carolina State University
Caren B. Cooper
North Carolina State University
Sacoby M. Wilson
University of Maryland

Mapping Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls Beyond Colonizing Data and Mapping Practices
Annita Hetoevehotohke'e Lucchesi
University of Arizona

Pressing Pause, “Doing” Feminist Mapping
Meghan Kelly
Durham University
Amber Bosse
MapBosse Co.

Toward Queering the Map 2.0 A Conversation with Michael Brown, Larry Knopp, and Bo Zhao
Jack Swab
University of Kentucky
Jack Jen Gieseking
Five College Women’s Studies Research Center

Toward a Fourth Generation Critical GIS Extraordinary Politics
Sarah Elwood
University of Washington