ACME Vol 20 No 5 (2021): Themed Section: Embodying Controversy Through Pedagogy & Research Papers


This Themed Section " Embodying Controversy Through Pedagogy", guest edited by Nicole Laliberte, also features a Research Article on counter-mapping and street homelessness. Here is a full TOC:

Street Homelessness, Visibility and Recognition: Navigating the Dilemmas of Mapping Homeless Spatialities 
Natalia Martini

Embodying Controversy Through Feminist Pedagogy
Denise B. McLeod, Willie J. Wright, Nicole Laliberte, Alison L. Bain, Lorraine Dowler

Pedagogies of Queer and Trans Repair: Letters from Queer Geographic Classrooms
Debanuj DasGupta, Rae Rosenberg, John Paul Catungal, Jen Jack Gieseking 

Micro-liminal Spaces of (Mis)Gendering: The Critical Potential of Trans-Pedagogy in Post-Secondary Institutions
Chan Arun-Pina

Making a Zine, Building a Feminist Collective: Ruptures I, Student Visionaries, and Racial Justice at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Feminist Geography Collective FLOCK

The Controversy of the Twin Pandemics: Feminist Pedagogies and the Urgency of Revolutionary Praxis
LaToya E. Eaves