Pausing New Articles Unrelated to COVID-19 Pandemic-Related Issues


ACME has decided that it is best for us to establish a rolling pause on all new submissions not related to issues amplified by, adjacent to, or instigated by COVID-19, and submissions not by junior authors who need papers to go through at this time. Given the unprecedented situation of COVID-19, we are also unsure when, exactly, we will be able to receive new work. The severity of the ongoing pandemic is immense and we, as a Collective and journal, feel like a full slowdown is needed, not only to support our editorial Collective but also to support our reviewers, who tend to reflect the disproportionately marginalized people we study. As we announce this on May Day, it is especially a time for ACME to rethink our priorities and identity, to take care in all aspects of our life and of those we love, and to enact our best way forward in support of the reproductive labor of journal work. By work that is “amplified by, adjacent to, or instigated by COVID-19,” we recognize that authors have research manuscripts that already speak to the violence and disparities seen during this pandemic. 

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Current Issue

Vol 19 No 1 (2020): Volume 19, No 1

Narratives of Displacement Oral History Project Mural. Anti-Eviction Mapping Project Collective. 2016.

Published: 2020-04-15

Themed Issue- Narratives of Displacements (Guest Eds. Pull, Lind, Tsoni, Baeten)

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