Geography’s Pro-Peace Agenda: An Unfinished Project

  • Joshua Inwood Department of Geography University of Tennessee
  • James Tyner Department of Geography Kent State University
Keywords: Violence, war, militarism, modern society, pro-justice, academia, peace


Violence, war and militarism continue to play an important role in the organization of modern society. A key factor in the creation, perpetuation and significance of violence is the way it is linked with the military-industrial-academic complex and the way those links perpetuate a war culture. In this paper we argue for a wider academic effort to address the inter-relationships between war and violence, one that addresses and develops a pro-peace agenda for Geography. We focus on the need to be pro-justice and on the need to build wider disciplinary coalitions that confront a predominant war culture in 21st Century U.S. society. Finally, we offer this paper in the hope that it is but one step in a larger disciplinary discussion about the role geography can play in challenging a killing society and the broader militarization of the university.
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