Spaces of the Past, Histories of the Present: An Interview with Stuart Elden and Derek Gregory


  • Stuart Elden Department of Geography, Durham University
  • Derek Gregory Department of Geography, University of British Columbia
  • Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago Departamento de Urbanística y Ordenación del Territorio Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



space, territory, time, socio-spatial theory, neoliberalism, academia, past, history, present, Stuart Elden


The ontologies of space and territory, our experience of them and the techniques we use to govern them, the very conception of the socio-spatial formations that we inhabit, are all historically specific: they depend on a genealogy of practices, knowledges, discourses, regulations, performances and representations articulated in a way that is extremely complex yet nevertheless legible over time. In this interview we look at the logic and the patterns that intertwine space and time — both as objects and tools of inquiry — though a cross-disciplinary dialogue. The discussion with Stuart Elden and Derek Gregory covers the place of history in socio-spatial theory and in their own work, old and new ways of thinking about the intersection between history and territory, space and time, the implications of geography and history for thinking about contemporary politics, and the challenges now faced by critical thought and academic work in the current neo-liberal attack on public universities and the welfare state.


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Elden, S., Gregory, D., & Sevilla-Buitrago, Álvaro. (2015). Spaces of the Past, Histories of the Present: An Interview with Stuart Elden and Derek Gregory. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 10(2), 313–339.