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Mundane of Mobilities Made Tangible


  • Laura Bisaillon Interdisciplinary Centre for Health and Society, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Leah Montange Department of Geography, University of Toronto
  • Alberto Zambenedetti Department of Italian Studies and Cinema Studies Institute, University of Toronto
  • Paolo Frascà Department of Italian Studies and Centre for Sexual Diversity, University of Toronto
  • Lina El-Shamy Department of Art, University of Toronto
  • Tamir Arviv Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


circulation, everyday, immigration, intimacy, materiality, mobility


In this photo essay, a collection of seven academics contributed to a cross-disciplinary conversation about immigration, mobility and circulation. Each co-author selected one or more photographs they had taken of an object or daily practice that illustrates the immediacy, tangibility, and materiality of global mobility, migration and circulation from their perspective as an academic or practitioner in their own discipline. We each also wrote mini-essays to contextualize and explicate these photographs. The result is part photo-essay and part collage. As the various pieces juxtapose with one another, themes of temporal stretching, melancholy, dis/orientation, and the rhythms and cycles of everyday life that are altered and interpenetrated by the mobilities and circulations of people and objects arose. This collective piece also registers the blurring boundaries between everyday life and research practice, individual and collective conversation, work and pleasure. The practice of producing this collective photo-essay was not only the result of the convening of an interdisciplinary study group on immigration, mobility and circulation, but also of a deliberate experiment with practicing slow scholarship (Mountz et al., 2015) together.


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