Reframing urban controlled spaces: Community gardens in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa

  • Efrat Eizenberg Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
  • Tovi Fenster Tel Aviv University
Keywords: Community gardens, neoliberalism, governance, controlled space, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Jerusalem.


As research continues to configure the meaning and manifestations of actually existing neoliberalism this paper takes one social phenomenon – urban community gardens – and examines how it is being newly integrated under the conditions of neoliberal urban governance. It examines how community gardens are being applied by decision makers and NGOs into two cities in Israel – Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa – where community gardens have been cultivated only since 2000. The analysis offers a more dynamic understanding of the interplay of local and global forces that produce the urban space, and a broader understanding of controlled community gardens.

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Eizenberg, Efrat, and Tovi Fenster. 2015. “Reframing Urban Controlled Spaces: Community Gardens in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv-Jaffa”. ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 14 (4), 1132-60.