Delivering on Poststructural Ontologies: Epistemological Challenges and Strategies


  • Nancy Ettlinger Department of Geography, Ohio State University


graduate seminar, research strategies, poststructural ontology, ground up research, truth, intellectual heritage, critical epistemology, Foucauldian, poststructuralist feminism


The purpose of this article is to introduce and clarify the logic of the ensuing group of three papers, which derive from a graduate seminar I taught in spring 2011 that engaged research strategies as they connect with particular strands of poststructural ontological principles. Reflecting research at different stages, the three papers nonetheless converge on non-essentialist, non-totalizing, nonrelativist, ground up research strategies to identify, problematize, contextualize, and explain multiple, often conflicting truths. This article also seeks to clarify the intellectual heritage of the critical epistemology embraced here and in the ensuing articles, specifically tapping Foucauldian thinking and poststructuralist feminism.


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