American Association of Geographers meeting and travel ban

The ACME Collective is committed to ensuring that colleagues targeted by the current US Government's outrageous fanatical hate are able to share their work at the forthcoming AAG meeting. While we appreciate and respect both sides in the boycott/attend debate, and indeed as a collective we have mixed views on what the best approach actually is, we are nonetheless offering our service and solidarity to anyone subjected to the Trump Administration's demeaning and detestable travel ban. Those ACME editors who will be in Boston wish to offer our support by way of facilitating spaces where those being targeted by the ban can present remotely. We are also willing to present impacted colleagues work on their behalf, but are quite keen to hear their voices. We understand this is only a small gesture and offers no solution to the larger problems at hand, but as a collective we are committed to including those people who are being excluded. If you are interested in such support, please contact One of our Editors will follow up to assist in working out the details. Given the temporary restraining order on Trump's travel ban we're hopeful that this repeal soon becomes permanent and all will be able to attend.