ACME Holiday Shutdown and Transition

The ACME Collective is currently on a period of shutdown and transition. During this time we will not be answering emails or processing papers that are currently in review, copyediting, or production.   While working with ACME is a labour of love for the members of the collective, it is still nonetheless labour. As an open access journal our work is uncompensated, and sometimes we need a break to decompress and regain our energy. Recognizing the need for us to have a holiday and spend more time with family and friends away from academic life, we will not be active from now until the end of January.   We will be back in operation February 1st, 2020, at which point we will have both a new Managing Editor (the replacement for Simon Springer is TBA) and a new Coordinating Editor (Rae Rosenberg is replacing May Farralas). Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support.   - The ACME Collective